Angela Hanley DC

Angela Hanley DC testimonial about Gateway Metabolic

I'm Angela Hanley DC, and since starting the Activate Metabolics back in October, I've lost 36.8 lb, and I've shrunk by 34.9 inches. My Body Fat percentage is within a healthy range for my age - for the first time probably since my second pregnancy, 16 years ago.

At 48 years old, peri-menopause was kicking my tail. Even with a reasonable (I thought) diet, and with regular activity (gym, hiking, yoga), I was not only overweight, but gaining weight steadily, and I had no explanation for it.

I was frustrated, stressed, suffered from a very sensitive stomach... and I hated pictures. Conveniently I am tall, so it's easy to shuffle myself into the back and hide behind others. I wore long sleeves and long pants - always - to cover my body.

Now I feel so much more comfortable in my clothes, and I am having fun finding "new" finds in the back of the closet! Shopping, being 3 sizes smaller, is also WAY more fun!!

The stomach issues STOPPED AS SOON AS I STARTED EATING THIS WAY!!!! Born with a heart murmur, it is especially significant to me that I have decreased my risk of heart disease, as well as my risk for cancer, stroke and diabetes. The DNA testing shed light as to what I should be eating in order to lose weight and keep it off (spoiler alert: lots of grassfed butter in my future!).


Gail lost more than 26lb and MORE THAN 35 INCHES in 5 months!!! All while eating real food and actually INCREASING her energy levels. AND she's not even at the end of her program... she'll be shape-shifting even more as she eats right over the upcoming months.

While size and shape are fun to see change, what's really important is that Gail noted some great quality of life and health changes:

1. Improved sleep
2. Increased energy, even at the end of a work day
3. Fewer body and joint aches

Gail lost more than 26 lbs at Gateway Metabolic

Jamie M.

In 9 months, Jamie has lost 100 pounds and 78.65 inches. She was diagnosed at the age of 19 with Irritable Bowel Sydrome... and since the second week of the program has had NO symptoms of IBS. She used to spend EVERY WEEKEND sick from her IBS. Here's what she has to say about the Activate Metabolics program and her coaching with Dr. Angela:

"In a short amount of time, I am seeing results and feel better too. Working with Dr. Angela is wonderful. She cares about my success and takes time to answer questions or give suggestions. This is not a "one-size-fits-all" program. It's truly based on the individual with overall good health as the final outcome."

Jamie M. testimonial about Gateway Metabolic
MJ's testimonial about Gateway Metabolic


Talk about WORKING A PROGRAM!!! MJ has rocked her early weight loss goals, shedding more than 30#. She is in smaller clothes (2 sizes!!), experiences less pain, has decreased symptoms from lifelong psoriasis and decreased stomach discomfort.

MJ has a better knowledge of what foods work with her metabolism, and has a clear path moving forward to continue working toward her ideal weight, body fat %, and visceral fat levels. Her hydration levels are also now ideal (she started out dehydrated).

As she HILARIOUSLY observed... "My weight now matches my driver's license!"


Your DNA will tell the story - you just have to follow it.

Kari B.

What a difference 6 weeks can make!!! 11.4 inches gone!! Kari is feeling more energetic, more comfortable in her clothes and scrubs, less bloated and experiences less stomach upset, as well as less joint pain. And this is JUST THE START OF HER PROGRAM!!!

Be sure to comment below and tell Kari how amazing she's doing - because this simple program takes dedication and determination.

Boom!!! Congratulations Kari Block!!! You are a Rock Star!!!

Kari B. testimonial about Gateway Metabolic


Look at the CHANGES that Dale made!! All because of a simple CHOICE!! Dale lost 31# starting in March, and has been maintaining his weight for months now.

MORE IMPORTANTLY, his MD said "keep doing what you're doing"... because his bloodwork changed dramatically since he began the Activate Metabolics program!! Cholesterol went from 289 to 176... with NO meds!! HDL (the good cholesterol) went from 31 to 65 (should be over 40, so SCORE!!) Let's say this again... NO MEDS!!!

Wait for it... Cardiac risk went from 9.3 to 2.7... it should be less than 3.5. It was 9.3 before. Read that again.

Does Dale look better? Yep! Do his clothes fit better, and does he have more energy? Yep! Best of all - our odds of enjoying this guys company for a long time to come have become WAY BETTER!!

We like Dale, and so does his fiancee Jessica, so this is extremely good news.

Congratulations, Dale, on your choices and taking back your health!!

Dale lost 31 lbs and improved his cholesterol at Gateway Metabolic

Mary D.

What a transformation!! More than 38 pounds and 30 inches in less 5 months... and not even halfway through her program!! Mary has made just amazing progress on the Activate Metabolics program.

But the overall health benefits are what excite her the most: traveling, gardening and managing her own business with MORE ENERGY!!

This is what Mary has to say about her changes on this program so far: "I am not calling it a weight loss program. It is a life changing journey to better my wellbeing. Since the start of my journey in July I feel better, have more energy, and a clearer mind."

Her priorities: family, family and family. Being active and healthy, to enjoy her family, trip after trip, year after year.

Mary D. testimonial about Gateway Metabolic

Janet - Age 69

"I feel like I have a lot more time now. I didn't realize how much time I was thinking about food or what I was going to eat at my next meal. It feels really good to know I am putting the best food options in my body!"


Listen to MJ's early results on the Activate Metabolics program!! 12# down already... in less than 2 weeks! Not to mention 11" off her measurements!