For American Women.

How Do You Compare to American Men and Women Worldwide (When It Comes to Obesity)?

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Bringing You A Timely Tele-Health Solution.

We are excited to announce that we can help you with your weight loss and wellness needs right now – as we are all experiencing the COVID-19 lock downs!

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The CAUSE of Over 50% of All Deaths in America

What Weight Loss in America SHOULD really be about.

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Eliminating Ignorance

Expanding your knowledge, understanding and awareness of weight loss.

INTRO NOTE: In case, you are reading this blog and you did not read the last one, we would encourage you to look back and do so.

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Are You Ignorant?

Yikes! That question sounds kind of rude, doesn’t it? Please Note: Before, you take it the wrong way, read on to be sure you know the TRUE definition of the word. It’s a very important word and underlying CAUSE of many Americans’ Weight Loss War!

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